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EHAB Joins Deltek Marketplace and Builds Integration to Deltek Acumen Risk

Getting accurate weather data that can model different types of potential weather impacts and integrating it into project schedules and their associated risk management plans is complex and difficult to accomplish, but the results would be very valuable to construction and other industries. That’s why EHAB and Deltek have partnered to automate the process and empower Project Managers with a solution to help mitigate risk and improve outcomes.


EHAB stands at the forefront of weather risk management in construction, pioneering an advanced platform that utilizes extensive data and statistical methodologies. This approach allows for a nuanced understanding of weather risks, factoring in the implications of climate change and providing detailed insights for every activity, on every project, anywhere in the world. 

We’re excited to partner with Deltek, a leader in project-based software. Deltek delivers software and information solutions that enable superior levels of project intelligence, management and collaboration. Their industry-focused expertise makes projects successful and helps companies achieve performance that maximizes productivity at every stage of the project lifecycle that fuels your business. 

Deltek Acumen Risk uses risk modeling, analysis and reporting to reduce risk, mitigate impacts and improve decision making. This partnership is important because the integration of EHAB’s weather data with Acumen Risk improves the accuracy of risk modeling for weather-related events. 


Goals and Objectives 

This partnership marks a significant milestone as EHAB joins the Deltek Marketplace. This collaboration is designed to expand EHAB's cutting-edge weather risk management capabilities to users of Acumen Risk software. Another major milestone of this partnership is the EHAB-built integration with Acumen, enabling the import of high-quality probabilistic weather risk data into Acumen Risk. 

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Benefits to Customers 

The integration enhances the risk outputs from Acumen, empowering customers to incorporate weather risk more accurately into their project planning. This integration is especially pertinent in today's climate where weather-related risks increasingly affect construction and various industrial sectors, including the energy sector. 

Not only do these insights provide more accurate risk outputs, but the process is streamlined. Users incorporating this feature will have to spend very little extra effort to get a huge uplift in value.  

Industry Impact 

The construction industry is particularly vulnerable, with 45% of projects already experiencing the repercussions of weather risks. With climate trends indicating a rising impact, the integration of comprehensive weather risk data into quantitative schedule risk analysis (QSRA) is more crucial than ever. This proactive approach enables the identification and mitigation of foreseeable risks, a necessity underscored by the 1450% increase in the likelihood of projects facing extreme delays due to weather over the past two decades. 

Data and Figures 

The partnership between EHAB and Deltek is not just about innovation; it's about tangible results. Evidence from EHAB's global portfolio of projects illustrates that the integration is set to enhance the accuracy of QSRAs. On average, this increased precision is expected to improve end date accuracy by 17 days, a roughly 200% increase in accuracy on current best practice for incorporating weather risks into QSRA runs. This offers general contractors more substantial buffers and affords clients a more realistic projection of project completion dates. This level of certainty is invaluable, ensuring all parties involved can plan and execute with confidence. 

In conclusion, the synergy between EHAB and Deltek is set to redefine industry standards, offering robust solutions to weather-related risks. Together, we are setting a new precedent for risk management, ensuring that projects are not just completed, but are also resilient against the unpredictable forces of nature. 
Read more on our partner page. 


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