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How Technology, Insurance, and Construction Collaborate for Resilient Projects


Did you know that climate change isn't a new phenomenon?

Weather has long been a critical factor in the construction industry, influencing both planning and execution of projects. Historical records show that weather-related delays and damages are not a new phenomenon; they have impacted construction endeavours for centuries. For instance, the construction of the Panama Canal, completed in 1914, faced significant setbacks due to heavy rainfall and landslides. In more recent times, hurricanes, floods, and extreme temperature fluctuations continue to pose challenges, leading to delays and increased costs. A study by the Construction Industry Institute found that weather-related factors could affect project schedules by as much as 21%. These historical and ongoing challenges highlight the importance of accurate weather prediction and risk management in construction, setting the stage for innovative solutions like EHAB's weather intelligence to play a pivotal role in the industry's future.

The Hot Topic of

Weather Risk Management

In the ever-evolving landscape of construction, weather is more than just a daily inconvenience; it's a serious driver of financial losses. Unpredictable weather patterns can lead to delays, damage, and unexpected costs, making weather risk management a shared concern for insurers, insured parties, and risk management platforms alike. This is where EHAB's advanced weather intelligence comes into play.

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Why Construction Insurance?


Construction projects are inherently complex, involving multiple stakeholders, various phases, and often tight timelines. The coordination of materials, labour, equipment, and permits requires meticulous planning, and even a minor disruption can lead to cascading delays and cost overruns.


Weather-Related Disruptions


Weather is one of the most unpredictable and influential factors in construction. From torrential rains that can halt outdoor activities to freezing temperatures that can affect material integrity, weather-related disruptions are not uncommon. These disruptions can lead to:

  • Delays: Weather can halt work on a project, leading to delays that may result in penalties or additional costs for extended equipment rental and labour.
  • Damage: Extreme weather can cause physical damage to materials, equipment, or partially completed structures, requiring repairs or replacements.
  • Supply Chain Interruptions: Weather events can disrupt transportation and supply chains, leading to delays in receiving essential materials.

The Role of Insurance Providers

Insurance providers play a crucial role in mitigating these risks:

  • Risk Assessment: Insurers assess the potential weather-related risks for a specific project, considering factors like location, season, and project phase. This assessment helps in pricing policies accurately.
  • Coverage Options: Various insurance products cover different weather-related risks, from property damage to delay-in-start-up (DSU) coverage. These products provide financial protection against unexpected weather-related costs.
  • Incentives for Risk Management: By offering discounts or other incentives, insurers can encourage construction companies to adopt best practices in weather risk management, such as using advanced weather modelling tools like EHAB's.

The Perspective of Insured Parties

For the insured parties, construction insurance is a vital tool to:

  • Protect Investments: Insurance helps in safeguarding the financial investment in the project, covering unexpected costs due to weather-related disruptions.
  • Maintain Timelines: By providing coverage for delays and additional costs, insurance helps in keeping the project on track, even when weather-related challenges arise.
  • Enhance Confidence: Knowing that there is financial protection against weather-related risks enhances confidence among stakeholders, including investors, contractors, and clients.

EHAB's Role: Bridging the Gap with Innovation

EHAB's weather risk management platform offers a unique solution to this shared challenge. Here's how:

  • Short-Term Early Warnings: EHAB provides context-driven early warnings that empower construction professionals to be proactive. By anticipating weather disruptions, they can protect both project timelines and the physical infrastructure that is insured.
  • Long-Term Predictive Modeling: With an impressive 85-95% accuracy in predicting weather down days years in advance, EHAB's model is a game-changer for insurers. This accuracy enables a more fluid pricing structure, potentially benefiting both insurers and insured parties by measuring risk more precisely.
  • Parametric Insurance Product: EHAB's model is also being used to create a first-of-its-kind parametric insurance product. This innovative approach lowers basis risk by pricing risks in direct context with the plan of the insured. It's especially relevant for contractors working under contracts like JCT, FIDIC, etc., where they are exposed to the financial loss of weather disruption.




The intersection of EHAB's weather intelligence with the insurance industry represents a forward-thinking collaboration between insurers, insured parties, and technology providers. By leveraging advanced modelling and predictive analytics, this tripartite partnership is setting a new standard in weather risk management.

In an industry where every day and dollar counts, the integration of EHAB's solutions offers a promising path towards more resilient construction practices and a more equitable insurance landscape.

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