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EHAB Platform Data Types

Weather Types

  1. Mean Temperature
  2. Min Temperature
  3. Max Temperature
  4. Max Hourly Precipitation
  5. 24hr Cumulative Precipitation
  6. Average Wind Speed
  7. Average Gust Speed
  8. Max Gust Speed
  9. Max Hourly Snowfall
  10. 24hr Cumulative Snowfall
  11. Visibility
  12. Wave Height


  1. Any country on earth
  2. 9x9km grids

Dataset Length & Granularity

The EHAB platform currently provides data starting from 1979, with a granularity of hourly readings. This valuable data is utilized to generate the foundational datasets that fuel the impact engine. However, the EHAB team is  working on expanding the dataset even further, reaching back to 1960. This exciting development will not only enhance the accuracy of modeling efforts but also enable more robust climate trend analysis.



Our dataset is derived from the extensive ERA5 dataset, which combines a wide range of sources including land-based and satellite data. The inclusion of UK Met Office station data, as well as airport datasets and others, further enriches the comprehensive nature of this dataset.

For a full list please visit ECMWF


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